IMR-Meeting in Saarbrücken, 30 March to 7 April 2017

Un meeting Alumni ainsi que des conférences sont organisés par l'université de sarrebruck du 30 mars au 7 avril 2017.
Evènement majeur, Matthias Maurer, nouveau astronaute à l'Agence Spatiale Européenne et ancien étudiant de l'EEIGM sera présent le 7 avril.
Retrouvez le programme en détails ci-dessous :
a) Alumni-Meeting: on March 30th and 31st we will organize an Alumni Meeting, with the main purpose of networking among them and with students and professors of our department. The participants will have the chance to present their own current activities, which will serve as an impulse for discussions ( alumni.html).
b) Inauguration of the Materials Science and Engineering Chapter of the "Universitätsgesellschaft", with the special talks by Prof. Claus Daniel (Oak Ridge National Lab) and Prof. Andres Lasagni (TU Dresden). March 31st at 17:00 ( uni_gesellschaft.html).
c) Workshop "Modern Methods for the Microstructure Analysis": This Workshop takes place on April 3rd, 4th, and 5th. We have invited very prominent researchers in the field of 3D-materials characterization that will give some input for the discussions of the different topics among all participants. You can find the speakers and program in: workshop.html.
d) IMR-Meeting "International Materials Research Meeting in the Greater Region" ( the meeting takes place on April 6th and 7th and serve as an exchange platform among all partners of the European School of Materials. Selected contributions can also be published by the IOP-Series. Poster contributions are still accepted until 28th February. ( imr.html)
FINANCING: With the support of the DAAD we can finance the participation of 20 Alumni of any German University, that are currently active in developed countries outside Germany, and will participate for  the whole event!
If you want to participate in any or all of this events, just contact me through: f.soldera@matsci.uni-
Merci à Cecilia Müller, ancienne étudiante de l'EEIGM pour ces informations.
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